You take pictures of naked ladies?

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You take pictures of naked ladies?


When I mention the idea of boudoir photography to women, I get a couple reactions.  Some are just too modest to think about it.  (And that’s okay.)  Some are curious.  (How naked do I have to be?)  And some are excited about the idea but scared to death.  Most fall into this category.   Cause you know, you’re not even ready for bathing suit season much less half naked pictures right?

And I’ll be honest, boudoir photography is the toughest thing I shoot.  But it’s also the most rewarding.  There is nothing better than when a woman comes in to see her images and falls in love with herself – maybe for the first time.   She’s a little more confident, a little more comfortable in her skin, a little more empowered.  AND. I. LOVE. IT!!

After most sessions I typically get a text or email that says something along the lines of “Thank you for making me look so beautiful.”  And I respond to everyone of them the same, “You ARE beautiful, you just needed to look at yourself through someone else’s eyes.”

So for all the women excited about the idea of boudoir images here’s a few FAQ’s you may be too scared to ask:

Do I have to get naked?  Absolutely not,  It’s all about YOUR comfort level.  I think implied nudity is sexier than boobs and butts any day of the week.  Everything I shoot is discreetly covered up and hints at what’s underneath.

I’ve got stretch marks.  That’s not really a question – but I hear it often.  Or some form of it.  Cellulite, big hips, saggy boobs etc.  Yep. Yep. And Yep.  And that’s okay –   I’ve taken classes on how to light, pose and just plain cover up all those things.  (Side note:  they probably aren’t as bad as what you think they are!)

Can you make me look like the model in the magazine?  Absolutely!  But I won’t.  I want you to see you are beautiful just the way your are.  At some point during every photo session a woman begins to FEEL her beauty.  It’s then that the magic starts!

Will you post my photos on the internet?  Not unless you give me permission, and sometimes not even then.  If you’re doing the images for someone special I’d rather you keep them for his eyes only.

What should I wear?  The ultimate girl question. The answer is simple…whatever you feel sexy in!  Lingerie, a bra and panty set,  a t-shirt and underwear, or whatever!  Don’t stress to much about wardrobe, once you’ve booked your appointment we’ll brainstorm ideas together!

If you’re considering a boudoir session I hope this helps put you at ease a bit.  If you have any other questions or are ready to set up your appointment give me a shout (804)931.5923 or shoot me an mail at info@michellekuzmick.com


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