Wedding Day tips from Top RVA Pros!

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Wedding Day tips from Top RVA Pros!


Happy New Year!


To celebrate the new year and to help kick start wedding planning season I reached out to some of my favorite RVA wedding vendors to get their BEST advice on everything from your vows to the honeymoon!

My sweet friend Debbie of Sunshine Events by Debbie probably gave me what I consider the BEST advice:  “My best piece of wedding advice as a planner besides hiring a planner, which by the way is one of the best decisions a Bride can make, would be to hire professional vendors!  Make sure they are licensed, insured and certified if possible for their craft.  Also get references from recent brides and make those calls to ensure you are getting the best vendors for your big day!”   

I couldn’t agree with this more!  I’ve seen way too many weddings not go as planned because a “friend” or “Uncle Bob” was in charge of this or that.

Officiant and Celebrant, JP Payne offered this advice:  “My best tip as a Wedding Officiant is to plan well, but have some fun with the ceremony and remind your partner of a special moment he or she might not be expecting in the vows.”   She also added, “I write customized vows for every ceremony (or vow renewal.)  I love this “work!” I get to share one of the most special moments in people’s lives.  It’s truly an honor for me. I get to know “my” couples and make the ceremony truly their own.”

Love, love, love this idea from Casey at the Linden Row Inn  “My best piece of advice is that before you decide to send out your ‘save the dates’ is to set-up a wedding website and include that website with the mailer. This doesn’t have to have to be 100% complete, but should include important information like dates, time, location and hotel block information. The sooner your guests know these major details, the sooner they can begin to make plans for their travel to attend your special day!”

Capt Rob, awarding winning barbecue pit master and owner of Capt Rob’s Pigalicious Barbecue  had this to say about your wedding day menu:  “Try to limit your menu choices to control costs. Most folks ask for too many appetizers, meats, sides. 2-3 apps, 1-2 meats, 2-3 sides will leave everyone full.” 

(Personal note:  His Pig Candy is the Best. Thing. Ever.)

Eric Herod of Eric Herod Entertainment recommends thinking about the guest experience above everything else when planning the reception.  “Think about how you can make sure that your guests leave raving about your wedding.  In order to do that, you have to make them feel like your ceremony and reception is different, unique, special, emotionally driven, engaging, fun, and well planned. Make sure that a professional is in control of the transitions and flow, and that he or she understands how to create memorable experiences for all involved.”  

This, a thousand times THIS!  Your DJ is not there to just “play music” he/she is there to get your guests engaged and make sure your reception runs smoothly!

And lastly, let’s not forget about the “after party” – the HONEYMOON!

Kim Goldstein – Travel Consultant with Journey’s  In suggests this:  “In order to plan the most amazing honeymoon, you should start researching about 7-9 months prior to travel and understand what’s important to both of you.  A lot of brides and grooms focus on the destination, when they actually spend most of their time at an all-inclusive resort.  The internet provides a lot of misleading information regarding different resorts, so rely on an expert who has been to multiple destinations/resorts for guidance.  There can be a big difference between them and they all look pretty on the internet, but that’s not always the case.”

What’s MY best wedding planning advice?  Take a peek here!

Happy planning! 




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