Wedding Day Tips from TOP RVA Make Up Artist Michelle Walters

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Wedding Day Tips from TOP RVA Make Up Artist Michelle Walters

How to Make Your Wedding Day Look Last All Day

I’m excited to introduce to you local beauty pro, Michelle Walters, founder of g.l.o.w. cosmetics by Island Glow,   Michelle specializes in both makeup and airbrush body contourist and is known for creating flawless bridal looks, making the eyes pop and adding a glow that keeps her clients camera-ready and no photoshop necessary.

Let me say it again for the ladies in the back – NO PHOTOSHOP NECESSARY!  This is from a recent styled shoot Michelle and I worked on together at Dellwood Plantation.   Not ONE of these images are retouched and better than that – you can see the lighting transition from indoors, to outdoors daylight to outdoors sunset – and the look she created was flawless in each scenario!   It doesn’t get any better than that!

She credits her standout looks to her belief that makeup has no rules: “Makeup is supposed to be fun, creative and not fussy – It’s an expression of your itself.”

Finishing Spray

Don’t let the name of this product fool you.  Finishing spray is a great tool to use as step #1 when creating this look.  It can be used to reduce the production of oil, which in the long run helps the makeup stay all day without fading away. Be sure to use right after a light moisturizer and before a primer as well as the last step once the look has been created and in place.  MUA Tip:  Finishing Spray an also be used anywhere else on the body that you sweat to reduce excessive sweat and uncomfortableness.

Use a Primer

If you really want your eyes to pop, bright pigments are the answer. But, if you want them to pop and last, always use a good foundation, a base like a primer. The primer provides a smooth surface, increases pigmentation and keeps the shadow in place. However, you don’t necessarily need an eye primer. If you don’t have [eye primer], concealer works just as well. Sometimes I just put a little foundation primer on the eye. It’s really all the same. MUA Tip:  Stay away from foundation primer with SPF.

Spend Extra Time Color Correcting

Almost everyone has some type of dark pigmentation under the eye.  The best way to color correct is to first apply an undereye corrector (yellow, peach, orange, or green depending on skin tone) to neutralize this area but without blending in (that comes later).  Color corrector can also be used anywhere else on the face to neutralize scarring, bruising, and/or sun spots.  Next, apply a creamy or liquid foundation without SPF to blend to the face and finish up with a concealer to brighten.  MUA Tip:  If under the eye shows signs of aging (or texture) be sure to dust a translucent powder on each layer of liquid/cream to prevent over-saturation of product.

Use Creamy Shadows

Most makeup divas put on their concealer and foundation first, then create their eye look. However, this causes an age-old problem: excess eyeshadow falling from your brush onto your concealer. It can be an annoying mess to clean up. “What I like about products that are creamy is that when you’re building a look, since they’re creamy, there’s no shadow falling out,” she told us while applying the product to the bride’s bottom lash line. If you’re trying to move quickly and avoid a mess “a cream-based shadow is amazing.”

Set Your Shadow With Powder

When you’re setting your makeup, don’t forget your eyes! “If you want a long-lasting look, for sure, add primer and a little translucent powder.”  MUA Tip:  Using a mineral shadow sealant when applying eye shadow is a great way to keep colors vibrant and from fading.

Go Bronze

When in doubt, go bronze. No matter your skin tone, eye color or undertones, the sparkling brown is universally appealing. Bronze is safe. The hue is also easy to take from wedding ceremony to reception. You can place a golden bronze on your eyes for a glowing daytime look, and deepen the color with a darker shade in the lash line and corner as you transition into your evening look. “By adding a bronze shade under the eye, you’re giving your look more dimension.”

Add Drama With Lashes

According to the beauty pro, the quickest way to go from day makeup to wedding glam is to add drama to your lashes. She likes to amp it up with tight lining with a darker shadow smudged into top lash line, liner, or maybe a heavy lash. This always does the trick and provides an “instant eye lift” that looks sexy on any eye.  MU Tip:  use darker shades/liners on top lash line and a softer liner under lower lash line.  

Wedding makeup should always be a step up from your everyday makeup but soft, classic and timeless for those forever pictures.  Keep in mind that a “pudding like finish” looks great in all lighting and on all photo devices (camera, smart pone, video cameras, etc).  Several steps are needed to create this look, so be sure to seek out professional experienced makeup artists to create it.  My suggestion is to schedule your makeup trial early in the day so you can see how well the makeup holds up 6-8 hours later to give you an idea of how well it will do on wedding day.

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