Want a quick way to turn your day around?

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Personal Growth

Want a quick way to turn your day around?

Repeat after me . . .

I am grateful.

I am abundant.

I am worthy of love.

I am successful.

I am deserving of receiving anything I want.

I am aligned with the divine.

I am trusting what I desire is coming.

I am allowing more good to flow into my life.

I am receiving miracles every day.

I am a masterpiece of God.

I am finding happiness in the journey.

I am choosing joy.

I am deserving of my desires.

I am allowing divine guidance into my life.

I am allowing my thoughts to create miracles.

I am at ease with the flow of my life.

I am witnessing the wonder of an abundant universe.

I am better than I use to be!

If that didn’t bring a smile to your face I don’t know what will! Print it out, hang it on your mirror, copy it to your phone, just keep it handy and the next time your thoughts are heading south pull it out! Change direction. Turn your day around.

Affirmations taken from daily emails @theiamjournal Think and Ink Co

Image courtesy of: Amy Shamblen

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