Venue Spotlight: The Linden Row Inn

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Venue Spotlight: The Linden Row Inn

I had the chance to visit with Casey, the Sales Manager, at The Linden Row Inn last week and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised!  When I think of historic landmarks I think of places like Monticello where you get the feeling that everything is “untouchable”  and you are kinda walking on eggshells to not break anything. That is SO not the case at Linden Row.  Honestly, I felt like at anytime I could have taken off my shoes and curled up in front of one of the historical fireplaces, fallen asleep and been right at home.

From the courtyard to the bridal suite Linden Row has so much to offer a couple, but honestly, my favorite perk of the venue was Casey!   Casey is my dream venue coordinator!  She is such combination of knowledge and organization that it just puts you at ease when talking with her and you know whatever you need is going to get done.  That kind of coordination is literally priceless to a bride (and her wedding vendors)!

Here’s a little bit what I learned on my visit followed by some of my favorite images from the day.  Enjoy!

Q:  ​Can you believe I’d never been to Linden Row before today?  I’m not a history buff, but the little details you shared with me about the inn made me want to book a weekend and just roam around.  When you came to work at Linden what was the most unique piece of history you learned? 

The most unique piece of history I learned was about our connection to Edgar Allan Poe in that he grew up across the street from Linden Row and played in our gardens. I think it is so special that the same space that we host weddings and private functions also walked Edgar Allan.

Q:  Being in the wedding industry for so long we’ve both been to hundreds of weddings – is there a wedding moment that stands out to you the most?

Absolutely! When I first started at Linden Row we had a group that booked our Garden Courtyard for their ceremony only but rented the entire hotel to their wedding guests for the weekend. We have had many groups that have booked most of our rooms, but I have never seen such a thing with a group that booked literally all 70 of our guest rooms. It was fun to see the family and friends milling around the property for the entire weekend enjoying the wedding festivities as we are typically used to hosting multiple groups throughout a weekend as opposed to just one. The couple continues to come back with their parents and celebrate every anniversary with us which I also think is very special as they live out of town and use it as an opportunity to come back to Richmond and continue their celebrations year after year. 

Q:  Spill the beans, what is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen happen at a wedding?

At my last job, a vineyard in North Carolina, we required the clients to purchase the alcohol through us to utilize the wine that we made and we would also purchase any champagne and beer for them as well. We had a bride who was originally from the small town that the vineyard was located but she and her fiance were both lawyers in Miami and wanted to pull out all of the stops for their celebration. They paid for one of our staff members to be trained to do a ‘champagne fountain’ pour which is a specialized skill and is done in a specific way to ensure all goes well. I know this doesn’t technically seem ‘crazy’ from a guest perspective, but from an execution perspective I was in awe watching this happen. It was truly beautiful to watch, but it was like we were on pins and needles waiting for something to happen and all of the glasses take a tumble and shatter-thankfully they did not but it was very cool to watch. 

Q: What advice would you give a bride starting her venue search?

My first peace of advice when venue hunting is to determine your guest list and then search based on your personality. Determining your guest list first always help you include or exclude certain venues from the jump which can make the process seem less daunting since Richmond features so many great choices!

Q: If you had two minutes to tell a bride why she should consider Linden Row as her venue what would you tell her? 

I would tell all of our couples that the Linden Row Inn is the perfect, unique venue for a client who is looking for a location to host it all. Being that we are a 70 room Inn but also feature an outdoor event space which is different from a normal hotel experience along with our in-house catering department makes it so our clients come come, stay, and celebrate all in one location.

Q: How can a bride get in contact with you to get more information?

They can visit us online at www.lindenrowinn.com, by emailing me directly at sales@lindenrowinn.com or by calling 804-225-5841 to speak with me directly!

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