Three Things to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

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Three Things to Look for in a Wedding Photographer


As much as I would like every one who inquires to become part of the #mkbridetribe, the truth is there’s a lot to consider when choosing your wedding photographer.

In my last post I talked about the ONE thing your wedding photographer MUST have!   So many times I get emails requesting pricing information – and I get it, everyone has a budget – unfortunately I see brides making decisions on photographers based solely on price.  Today I wanted to share three things that I feel are important when making sure your wedding photographer is a good fit for your wedding.

The first – PERSONALITY!  This kind of goes hand and hand with building a relationship of trust with your photographer that I mentioned in my last post.  More so than any other vendor you will be interacting with your photographer.  You’ll spend time with them at your engagement session, your bridal portrait session and of course they will be with you every moment of your wedding day!  Do you genuinely LIKE them?  Would you want to hang out with them on a personal level?  I’m not saying you have to invite them over for dinner, but if you wouldn’t feel comfortable spending time with them it’s going to show in your photos.  When first meeting with them did you feel at ease?   Did they make you laugh?  Were they organized?  All those qualities will shine on your wedding day.

Next, their STYLE!  Are their images candid and in the moment?  Are they artistic and dramatic? Bright and Airy?  Posed and formal?  Moody?  If you are looking for a lifestyle photographer to capture the candid moments and you hire a photographer that meticulously creates masterpieces to win print you’re going to be disappointed.  It’s okay to ask to see an entire wedding gallery and not just their promotional album.  You’ll get a good sense of their style.  Better yet, just ask them what they are best at and what they enjoy capturing.

And lastly, EXPERIENCE!  Before I begin, I understand everyone has to start somewhere.  I’ve been doing this for eighteen years and many people trusted me in the beginning and for that I will forever be grateful – but if you are working with someone who is learning just understand you have to be okay with the images that come out.  And it’s not just in the amount of time they have been shooting, but WHAT they have been shooting.  It’s completely different to shoot an outdoor wedding with plenty of available light than it is to shoot an indoor church ceremony that doesn’t allow flash.  Don’t get me started on, “my uncle (friend, neighbor, brother) has a camera that takes nice pictures.”  I seriously had someone tell me their uncle who shoots for National Geographic was coming into town and agreed to shoot the wedding.  Dealing with a wedding party of ten, two flower girls a crying ring bearer, and parents who are remarried that don’t get along is a HUGE difference from sitting behind a rock waiting to see what the lion is going to do next.  Don’t get me wrong, I could shoot a lion and do a decent job of it – but would a magazine really want to pay me to do a “decent” job?  Do you really want someone to do a “decent job” with your once in a life time day?



Michelle is a photographer, mom, Sangria lover and donut fanatic.
She has been keeping it real in images and life since 2000.
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