The one thing your wedding photographer MUST have.

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The one thing your wedding photographer MUST have.

I was laughing the other day reading an article on the 50 questions you should ask your wedding photographer.  Some made sense:

  1.  Are you available for my date?
  2. How much of a deposit do you require?
  3. How long after the wedding will we receive our images?


Some not so much:

  1. Why did you choose your equipment?
  2. Will you bring your own lunch/dinner?
  3. What is your favorite time of year to shoot?


And the list went on and on.  But do you really want to know the ONE thing your photographer MUST have?  YOUR TRUST. Trust is a key ingredient in any relationship and definitely with your photographer.  You have to trust your photographer to pick the location with the best light.  You should be able to trust your photographer to choose flattering poses and to capture all the important moments.  He/She should be trusted to know what images to take and when to take them.    At the end of the day the only thing you have left are the images they capture. Make sure you can trust them to create a wedding album that helps you relive every moment.


One example of trust that stands out to me was last summer at a beach wedding.  The obvious thing to do at a beach wedding is to take images on the beach right? And I’m all for that – but this particular wedding ended about four hours before sunset and if we would have taken the formal images right after the ceremony the sun would have been directly in the wedding party’s eyes like this.



When explaining this to the bride and groom and letting them know we could step out of the reception when the sun was in a better position they didn’t even hesitate and said “We trust you, whatever you think is best.”  And I’m so glad they did – because then I was able to create images like THIS!


The same can be said for a wedding I shot last December.  The pre-wedding images were gorgeous and with the excitement of the day everyone was running on adrenaline so it wasn’t too hard to get the ladies out in the snow for a few minutes.   And it was GORGEOUS!



After the wedding was a different story – tired, cold and hungry I asked my bride and groom for two more minutes – standing in the snow .  I said, ” Just TRUST Me!”



The bride told me later she was glad that we took the couple minutes on the way to the parking lot because she LOVED this.  I was glad we did too!

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