The Day my Boyfriend Expired

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The Day my Boyfriend Expired

Okay, my boyfriend didn’t really expire.  Although, there were a couple days I would have offered to make it happen quickly and painlessly.  Well, maybe not painlessly, but that’s a story for another day. 

Our relationship was hot and heavy and everything I ever wanted.  Until it wasn’t.  I wanted “us” more than anything in the world.  And I think he did too.  He made me coffee in the mornings and breakfast in bed on the weekends.  He combed conditioner through my hair and we danced in the kitchen.  More than once, when we were out, people would smile and ask us how long we’d been together.  Happiness truly radiated around us.  I know, I know, cheesy right?  But even with all that, there was a time I KNEW, in my gut, we were on different paths.  Instead of acknowledging that and letting it go, guess what I did?

I held on.

I could list a million reasons why – hope, fear, loneliness.   Maybe.  Leftover junk from my childhood I’d never dealt with.  Probably.  Not wanting to deal with the fact I’d failed at something else?  Very possibly.  But regardless of the reason I held on, I did, and it wasn’t pretty.  Because here’s the thing about holding on – it drains you.  Physically and emotionally.  For me, I lost self-confidence and gained 15 lbs.  Instead of ripping the band-aid off and dealing with the sting, I dealt with a grueling open heart surgery.  Instead of just dealing with the initial emptiness of a breakup, I dealt with the day to day stress of something worse – being in limbo. 

Have you ever been there?  Knowing you can’t go back but not being able to go forward?  Just existing? 

Then one day I listened to a podcast about expiration dates and it changed my perspective. 

Milk has an expiration date.  We don’t get mad at it when we can’t use it anymore. 

Mascara has an expiration date.  We don’t get scared we won’t ever find a new one. 

The sales ad at Target has an expiration date.  We don’t grieve it’s over; we just make sure we get everything we need out of it when it’s available. 

Expiration dates are a part of life.   Not everything is meant to last forever.  Relationships expire, friendships expire and careers expire.  It doesn’t mean you’re a failure or you need to find a way to “fix it.”  It just means it’s time for the next stage of the journey. 

Do you have something you are hanging on to in your life that has expired?  What do you need to let go of so you can continue your journey?  What do you need to give up that isn’t meant for you so you can accept the blessings of what is?

Whatever it is, give yourself permission today to let it go.  I’ll be cheering you on!

                                                            Hugs – mk

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