So you’re engaged, now what?

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So you’re engaged, now what?


I’ve learned a lot over the past 17 years in wedding photography – and here is your first tip – Relax and enjoy!  The adventure is just beginning!


If I were planning a wedding this is where I’d start . . .

1.  Pick an afternoon to dream!  What does YOUR fairy tale look like?  Go crazy on Pinterest!  Rip out pages of bridal magazines like a mad woman!  Visit The Knot, Martha Stewart and Southern Bride – then STOP!  It’s fun to dream, but don’t get carried away.   It’s about to get REAL.

2.  Because your next step is to decide on your budget.  This is a biggie.  It’s easy to get out of control and little costs start to add up.  How much will you be contributing?  Is there anyone else that will be helping out with expenses?    Richmond Weddings has a great budget calculator here.

3.  Now look at the budget again.  Do you need to cut a few corners?  Figure out what your priority vendors are and plan accordingly.  Is it more important for you to have a 5 star venue?   Or a smaller venue with 5 star food?  Is it more important to have stunning table settings or professional photography to remember the day with?  THIS is also the time to consider budgeting in a wedding planner.  I promise you they will save you time AND money.

4.   Book your venue.  Everything else from here forward hinges on your venue.  Most importantly the date you have secured.   It’s standard for other wedding vendors to not want to meet with you until this is in place.  Plus, you’ll need to set your timeline!   Do you have 18 months or 4 weeks to get everything done?

5.  Pick your bridal party.  It’s time to get the ball rolling and you’re going to need some help!

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