Santa Baby!

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I’ve always had in the back of my mind hostessing a Santa Breakfast for my past brides where everyone could come, have fun and enjoy a stress free morning during the holidays.  I remember all too well the “joy” as a young mom trying to get the kids dressed perfectly, running to the mall, stressing out about parking and waiting in line for an hour only to discover one had lost a shoe, one was somewhere between nap and breakdown and the other just didn’t like him.

This year with the help of an amazing team of businesses (Class Act LLC, The Wilson Group,  Party Time Entertainment,  Capt Rob’s Pigalicious Barbecue) I was able to pull that off.    The breakfast sold out in TWO hours and because of their contributions I was able to donate 100% of the money to Survivors4U.  PLUS, I was able to see everyone again!

For those of you that know me, you know I can take a “pretty picture” – but I MOST enjoy capturing the moments!  Here are a few of those . . .


Who is this guy?

He looks kinda nice.

Nope, don’t like him at all.

Well, if you add my new baby sister I’ll sit for the picture and protect her.

Mom, I’m NOT doing this!  (Notice how Gavin is trying to comfort his sister with his hand while maintaining the pose?”

Guess it’s just going to be just me.

We’re trying this again?  Without the mean red man.  It’s not going to go well.

Nope, he came back.

Told you Mom, I’m NOT doing this, come get me!

Mom, I’m in Kindergarten now, I’ve never taken a picture with this man and I’m not this year either!

Okay, well if you get in the picture with me.

Wait, you KNOW I have a sister – get her too!

(Win for the day:  The Gibbs girls have never had a picture taken with Santa where both were smiling!)

I’m not so sure about this Mom.

He looks “okay.”

You say he’s going to bring me PRESENTS?

Okay, this lady with the camera has been taking my pictures since I was born, I know what to do now.

I’m a princess.  I know what to do!

My brother, not so much.

BUT, if you take the red guy out he’ll take a picture too!

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