Memories not Masterpieces

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Since the last week of December I’ve been TRYING my best to come up with my Top 10 images for the year.  I’d save some to a folder then go back and second guess myself, “Are they REALLY the best?  But what about this one?  Oooooh, or THAT one!”  Then I’d spend forty five minutes stalking my favorite wedding photographers to see what they were doing and start all over again.   This morning I was determined to finally check it off my list.  I sat down and starting looking through the images again.  They were GORGEOUS, perfectly posed and well lit.  Ones I just knew everyone would ooooh and ahhhh over  then call me and I’d be fully booked for all of 2018.  But, I just wasn’t feeling it.  Oh, the pictures were magazine quality.  Some of my best work ever!  But that’s not why I shoot.  Don’t get me wrong, I spend a lot of time and money on training and workshops to up my game, and I want my images to be amazing, but I don’t shoot for the awards – I shoot for the memories.  I shoot so in twenty years when a couple looks back on their wedding day they’ll be able to FEEL it all over again.   So this year instead of trying to pick my best masterpieces I dumped the folder and decided to show off some of my favorite memories.  Enjoy!

Best Mother-Daughter Moment:  Emily and Sarah

I love these two ladies!  And I think anyone looking at the images can feel the love they have for each other.   But what most people looking at these images don’t know is that over the past several years Sarah has not only survived Cancer, but a heart attack as well.  It’s truly a miracle that she was there to share this moment with her daughter as she was getting into her wedding dress.  As a Mom that gift is not lost on me.  What a blessing it was to capture it for them.


Best Sister Moment:  Julie and Taylor

A Sister’s Oath:  I promise to be your best friend, kill all the bugs you are scared of and in the event of being faced with a snow storm on your wedding day to sacrifice my comfort so that you look pretty in all the pictures.  (We may or may not have gotten locked out of the church and I had to throw rocks at the window to get someone’s attention.)  But aren’t the pictures GORGEOUS?


Best First Dance Moment:  Becky and Ronnie

THIS is what love looks like 30 years later!  (Shouldn’t we ALL be so lucky!)  Judy’s parents didn’t have a first dance at their wedding, so as a surprise, Judy planned a special song and cleared the dance floor for them to have the spotlight.  It was such a sweet moment – judging by their reaction I think they enjoyed it!  I know I did!

Best “Did that really happen?” Moment:  Courtney and Mark

I’ve seen A LOT of things in 18 years of shooting weddings, but NEVER have I ever been at a wedding where the ceremony chairs were stolen.  Well, maybe not stolen, just taken?  Mark received a call while I was taking formals of the guys and politely told his soon to be mother in law that he didn’t know what happened to the chairs, but someone else was going to have to find them because he was taking pictures.  “Ummm, it’s okay Mark, we kinda need the chairs.”  As it turned out there were two weddings at the park that day and when the rental company came to pick up the chairs from the first ceremony they went to wrong ceremony site and picked up Mark and Courtney’s chairs instead.  It all turned out okay and the rest of the day was a blast – but I’ll always remember this picture of Mark on the phone with Courtney’s Mom.


Best “What have I done Moment”:  Aaron and Shannon

Not wedding related, but one of the realist moments I captured all year.  I got the call little Meredith had arrived and headed to the hospital for those cute little sleeping newborn images – but Meredith wasn’t having it.  Sleep wasn’t in the future for anyone as a matter of fact.  If you notice Dad in the background that’s about  as real as it gets.  The moment of truth – this human you created has just turned your life upside down!   What in the world were you thinking?  (Been there – three times as a matter of fact!) Meredith came in for Santa pictures in December and I’m happy to say there were no tears – and Mom and Dad were smiling too!


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who trusted me with capturing their memories!  These were just a few of the many, many blessings I was able to be a part of this year!   I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

Here’s few more real moments from 2017! I can’t wait to see what what wanders in front of my lens next!


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