If an image is pretty you'll see it.  
If it's real you'll FEEL it.

Michelle Kuzmick

Little black dresses and sweatpants.
Mascara and pony tails.
 Flip flops and high heels.
I believe in being anything you want to be,
even if just for the moment.

I believe in the tears that fall when a groom sees his
bride for the first time.
 The grasp of his hand when he reaches out as
she takes his last name.

 I believe in the dad who holds on for
one more second after the father
daughter-dance is over.
 In the mom who clings to the memory of the little girl in pigtails as she smiles with pride at the
woman in front of her.

 I believe in happiness.
 Laugh out loud can’t catch your
breath happiness.
 I believe in one more dance, one
 more drink one more kiss happiness.

 I believe in images that take you back
to a moment in time and make you
FEEL all over again.  

i believe in