Venue Spotlight: Mankin Mansion

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One of the FAVORITE parts of my job is getting to work with and build relationships with other vendors!  Recently I was able to visit Mankin Mansion for a venue tour and interview Katie Hoer from their planning team!   I think you’ll love it just as much as I did!
Q: When I look at Mankin Mansion’s website I see an unbelievable amount of awards!  What’s it like to work at one of the top wedding resorts in Virginia?  
A: Honestly- awesome! I get to go to this beautiful mansion everyday and work with talented and wonderful people, and I get to be there on one of the most important days in a person’s life! I have the best job. 
Q: What is about Mankin Mansion that it keeps getting voted the best of the best year after year?
A: Probably the people! We have a full time grounds keeper and gardner that keep everything beautiful regardless of season, a talented planning team, an award winning DJ team, and an awesome event staff that keep things running smoothly with us planners! Also, our proprietors Paula & Martin Ramirez are always making new improvements. I feel like every couple of weeks I discover something new and charming! We literally just got this gorgeous Bentley over the weekend that we may include in some of our packages!
Q: I know from our tour that you are in absolute LOVE with not just your job but the Mansion itself!  Do you have a favorite room or area?
A: Oh such a hard decision, but I simply adore the Gallery!! It has these wonderful heavy, large, iron double-doors that open into a chic indoor ceremony location. It’s all exposed brick, romantic drapery, black glossy floors, and chandeliers- it’s magic! 
Q: If you had two minutes to tell a bride why she should consider Mankin Mansion as her venue what would you tell her?
A: There is a lot of value in our packages – we have a planning team, DJ team, event set up and staffing, professional lighting, furniture, discounted rates at hotels, and we arrange shuttles to take guests from the hotel to our venue! I mean of course it is also gorgeous here too, but if you value convince and quality we will be a great fit for you!
Q: We all have “wedding stories” – what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen happen at a wedding?
A: Oh I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you that we had the Virginia Tech Hokie Bird crash a wedding! 
Q: What advice would you give a bride starting her venue search?
A: Start with considering your attendees. Think about what you need and what your guests will need. Once you figure out your must-haves it will make your search a lot easier! 
Q: How can a bride get in contact with you to get more information?
A: Couples can email me at planning@historicmankinmansion.com, call us at 804-737-7773, or request more info on our website!
The Bridal Suite and Groom’s Quarters
Q: What do you see as the biggest source of stress for a bride?  And how do you think they can fix it?
A: Clients usually worry about the unknown or things they can’t control. This is usually fixed with a little info! Generally I find the more you know about something, the less scary it is. During the week of they are usually worried about things like weather –  luckily here we are covered either way with both indoor and outdoor options (pun intended)! 
Q: What is one thing all brides inevitably forget to plan for?
​A:​ Self care! I recommend scheduling in R&R and sticking to that designate time the way you would any other wedding related appointment. Set a cut off date for all wedding projects and correspondence- at HMM we make it easy and have a Final Walk Through with clients the Tuesday prior during which we go over everything one last time and collect alcohol and decor, but weather you are getting married here or not this is a must! 

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