Judy and Josh | The Perfect Pinterest Wedding

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Judy and Josh | The Perfect Pinterest Wedding

When I first met “little” Judy about eight or nine years ago she was a Jr. Bridesmaid in friend’s wedding.  I remember her following directions well and being very sweet and quiet.  She called me a couple years later for her senior portraits and I remember her, like most of us that age, being a little unsure and self conscious. I didn’t think she realized how pretty she was.  After graduating college and with a ring on her finger, she called me to talk about wedding photography.  I was honored that even after all those years I was her choice.  When we met to sign the contract, she was still sweet and quiet, but now she had a decisiveness about her and a vision of what she wanted her wedding to look like.  I knew she was going to make that vision come to life.   I was proud of her.  From her monogrammed shoes to the custom built cake display to the self designed photo booth she truly planned the perfect Pinterest wedding!  I am blessed I was not only there to capture it, but to watch her grow up into the woman she is now.  She’s truly beautiful on the inside and out , and married or not, still “little” Judy to me.  Josh is a lucky guy.

Tell me everything about your love story!

We first started dating on November 24, 2009 so on our wedding day we were together for 7 years and 7 months exactly. We’re very close and love to be together all the time like even when we go to work we text each other saying I miss you. We truly are each other halves and best friends. Josh is always willing to jump in and do things with me that I’m interested in like diy projects, helping me with my classroom, cooking, etc. I do the same with him and will get outside and help him in the garage, shoot guns together, etc. just so we can be together. Marriage has brought us even closer! I think being married is the best. I feel like I have everything I ever dreamed of with my husband, family, friends, career, and home. We are truly blessed to have one another and to have found each other so young!

What advice would you give a bride planning a wedding?

I wish I would’ve known while I was wedding planning that you will never make everyone happy! I tried to make sure everything was perfect and everyone was happy and really that it was simply a celebration of our marriage. I shouldn’t have let all that stress me out or get me upset. I think I learned it’s important to have the people that love you and care about you around you during times like that for support and to let all the little things go.

I would tell a bride to be to slow down and enjoy every second because it goes by so fast! Everyone tells you that but you don’t even realize it until you are sitting on your honeymoon and you realize your wedding day is gone! I’m already ready to renew my vows so we can do it again ☺️  Our reception felt like it lasted ten minutes and we barley even got to dance together or have a moment together. I think it would be a good idea to have a second together right after the ceremony to take in the moment before going to the reception and make the reception as long as you can so you can have time between events.

What is your favorite wedding day memory?

My favorite wedding day memory was our first look. It was so special having a moment to ourselves in the middle of all the last minute preparations. I couldn’t wait for that moment and as soon as I saw Josh I felt at peace. He always knows just what to say and do to make everything just right. I feel like he’s the only one who knows me so well so I loved that moment. I am glad I got to see his face when he saw me and I will definitely treasure that memory forever. It was perfect!

If you could only pick ONE image as your favorite which would it be?  

I wasn’t surprised when Judy sent me a screen shot of this image.  It was not only one of my favorites, but typically the happiest, most emotional moments are taken during the first dance and it’s always my favorite part of the day!

What did you love most about your images?

I love my wedding images because it truly captured how happy everyone was not just us. You can see everyone smiling and having a wonderful time. I know we will look back on them for years to come and smile. I also love the variety of images that were captured. Some of my favorite images were the ones I didn’t even know were being taken. I’m so thankful for my wedding pictures.

Here’s a peek at how Judy made her vision come to life.

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