He Really Likes Me!

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Everyone knows my favorite part of being a photographer isn’t necessarily the pretty pictures, but the stories behind the pictures and the relationships I get to build.  I met Alonzo at the end of 2016 for the first time at his engagement session.  I’d known Ansa for a while, and being that she is absolutely beautiful, I was looking forward to their pictures.   Alonzo wasn’t really excited to be there – most grooms to be never are.  But he went along with what Ansa wanted and did everything I asked.  About thirty minutes in I heard him mumble, “How many more?”  Again, typical of most grooms to be.  The shots came out great, Ansa was happy and that’s all that mattered to both of us.


The next time I seen Alonzo was on his wedding day – he was dressed and ready to go ON TIME for pictures.  That’s a MAJOR win.  To have the groom AND his guys ready almost never happens!  He did everything I asked – but again – really wasn’t really excited about picture taking.  I mean there was a party to get started!  He was hungry.  (Truth be told, so was I.)



I got to see Alonzo again this weekend.  I didn’t know it when we booked the appointment but he had worked all night and gotten off at 7am.  Our appointment was at 11am.  To say he REALLY didn’t want to be there was an understatement.  They came in and I started with pictures of Riley and added Ansa  then set the “scene.”  I asked him to come over and take a seat – less than five minutes of him saying cheese and I announced he was done!  He gave me a look like I was out of my mind – “Done?  Really?  I can go home and sleep?”  Ya’ll he was so excited he HUGGED me!  Maybe the NEXT time Ansa brings him in for pictures he’ll look forward to it!  Or maybe he’ll be tired and hungry – either way, I’ve got him covered!


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