Does your listing need drone coverage?

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Does your listing need drone coverage?

I know, I know drone coverage is COOL!  And sellers are looking through Zillow and they see it and they want it!  But the bottom line is, will it help sell your property and is it worth the extra expense?  Because we all know the extra expense hits YOUR bottom line.

When people first call to “interview” me about photographing their next listing one of the first questions they always ask is: “Do you offer drone photography?”  And I always respond, “Do you sell listings that NEED drone photography?” 

In 2018, I didn’t offer drone coverage, because quite honestly, ya’ll don’t want me flying anything over anyone’s house.  Also, companies are required to have a license and insurance when operating a drone for business use. I turned down two listings that year that requested drone coverage and I didn’t see the benefit as worth the time and expense.

In 2019, I found someone who was willing to do that portion of the listing as a sub-contractor and it was a win-win for both of us and my agents.   

So what’s up with YOUR listing?  Does it need it or not?  Here are few things to take into consideration:

  • Is it a high-end property with special perks?  A pool, a waterfront location  or have outbuildings such as a barn etc?
  • Is the home’s location going to help sell the property?  For example, is it located on a golf course or next door to the neighborhood playground?
  • Will having drone images help create an emotional attachment to the property?  If the property is located down a beautiful secluded drive you could use those images and include something in the description like, “Imagine turning into your own private drive and arriving at your personal oasis.” 

If you’re on the fence about drone coverage give me a call!   I’d be happy go through your listing details and help you make the best possible decision for your advertising dollars! 804.931.5923

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