Courtney and Mark | The Great Chair Caper

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Courtney and Mark | The Great Chair Caper

Sending a huge shout out today to Courtney and Mark as they celebrate their ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  They have one of my favorite wedding stories of all time, that as they say, “Will go down in history.”  Since I’m sure they are laughing about it now, I thought I’d share . . .

I was excited for Courtney and Mark’s wedding for several reasons, one because I absolutely adored Courtney and her bridal portraits were beyond stunning so I KNEW we were going to be getting some magazine worthy shots.  Two, Courtney and Mark were a referral from a family I had worked with before and the BEST FATHER of the BRIDE ever was going to be there.  And lastly MY DAUGHTER would be working her first wedding as my assistant and it meant the world to me.

The wedding day started out like any other, the girls were in their dresses when I arrived (YAY!) and I was going to do a few detail shots and then start with the bridal party.  Everything was going smoothly – I unknowingly at the time took what would be one of my signature portraits that would go on the cover of my website, wedding magazine and hang on the wall at Tiffany’s Bridal – the light was pretty and the weather nice – it was perfect!  I had just shot a wedding the night before and was silently thanking God for an “easy day.”

I moved onto the guys, and like typical guys they weren’t really excited to be taking pictures but had the attitude, “Whatever you want us to do” – and honestly that’s all I ask for from the guys, you cooperate and I’ll have you eating and drinking within 45 minutes of the ceremony!  As the florist was putting on boutonnieres the groom received an unexpected phone call from his mother in law.  It seems the ceremony chairs were missing.

Yes, you read that right.  The CEREMONY CHAIRS were missing!   These images still have me smiling a year later because I can literally FEEL the moment it was happening when looking at them!

First Mark tried to explain to his Mother in Law that he knows they aren’t missing because he was the one who set them up.   Then he sent the guys to Courtney and she’s showing them a diagram on her phone where they should be.

The guys were nice, they looked at the phone and paid attention to what she was saying while keeping their calm instead of screaming “That’s EXACTLY WHERE WE LEFT THEM!”  The Michelob Ultra might have had something to do with that – but whatever it takes right?

It took about twenty minutes before the mystery was solved . . . it seems there were two weddings in the park that day and both had used the same rental company.  When the rental company arrived to pick up the chairs from the first wedding they were directed to the wrong ceremony site and loaded up Courtney and Mark’s in error.  Honest mistake.  GREAT STORY!

I’m happy to say the rental company made it back with the chairs and the ceremony started a little late but no tears were shed and at the end of the day the party went on and Courtney and Mark were able to celebrate the beginning of their Happily Ever After.

Vendor Team:

Venue:  Pocohantas State Park
Bridal Gown:  Tiffanys Bridal
Bridal Party:   Tiffanys Bridal
Bride’s Hair and Make-up:  Mirrors on the Wall
Florist:   Lasting Florals

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