Could you be a member of the MK Bride Tribe?

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Could you be a member of the MK Bride Tribe?


It’s only been this past year that I’ve affectionately named my brides the #mkbridetribe – but in my heart that’s what they’ve always been.   When I sat down recently on a challenge from a colleague to write my brand story, I had no idea how much emotion would spill out on the page.  Then, I looked back through the years at my favorite images and I realized that is what my brand was all about.  My brand is a story of emotions. Of being candid and real in and images,  AND life.  It’s about the real moments captured and connections made that will last a lifetime.  It’s about you and me.  US.  Because we’re in this together and I’m on your team doing whatever it takes.

Is being an MK Bride for you?  Let’s see . . .

An MK Bride is a bride who shops Target over Walmart, but chooses to splurge at Nordstrom when it matters most.
She’s a little sassy and a little classy.
She is Sangria and donuts.
Flip flops and high heels.
An MK Bride wants her story told and cherishes her wedding images above all else.

An MK Bride wants the image of her groom grabbing her hand under the table.
She wants the image of the deep breath she takes before she steps into the aisle.
An MK bride cherishes the candid images of happiness, laughter and tears over the perfectly posed.
She wants to feel loved and valued in relationships.
But then, an MK Bride is so much more.

An MK Bride tells me I’ll recognize her stepmom because she’s the red headed witch of the south and knows I’ll understand.
She’s the new mom that came in to pick up newborn images and sat in my studio and cried because she had postpartum depression.
It’s the bride who was upset that she forgot her jewelry and laughed when I told her I walked around looking at her guest’s necks until I found the perfect one.
It’s the bride who trusted me to not miss a shot and preserve every memory.

An MK Bride knows how important the bridal portrait is that will hang on her wall for the next fifty years.
She knows that when the times get hard she’ll be able to retreat to her wedding album and relive the happiness all over again.
She knows it’s the images captured of her parents that will comfort her long after they are gone.
She knows her wedding album is the legacy she’ll pass on to her kids to prove “she used to be fun.”
An MK Bride is a bride that changed her wedding date because I was already booked.

MK Brides are a tribe who have watched my children grow up and celebrated their accomplishments.
They are brides who have invited me to their baby showers.
They have sent me links to watch the live feed on the NICU monitors.
And most recently I’ve gotten the recording of a their baby’s heartbeat from the ultra sound.
MK Brides have prayed for me, and I have prayed for them.

My MK Brides have been such a blessing to me, my only hope is that I have been half as much of a blessing to them through my images and my heart.


Michelle is a photographer, mom, Sangria lover and donut fanatic.
She has been keeping it real in images and life since 2000.
To find out more about becoming a part of the MK Bride Tribe say hello today!

“When a woman sees herself through my lens and finds her beauty, it’s been a good day.” – mk

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