Considering a First Look?

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I’ll just start out by saying I’m a HUGE fan of first looks – but before I get into WHY, I thought I would share a little history about the whole “bad luck thing” –

The tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding started, for the most part, when marriages were being arranged by the bride and groom’s fathers.  They had never met each other.  It was simply a business deal made for monetary gain and social status.  Can you imagine a groom seeing his bride for the first time and then deciding he didn’t want to marry her?  If that’s not cringe worthy, I don’t know what is!  BUT, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that if you’re on my blog reading about first looks your forever Friday night isn’t going to run away if he sees you before the wedding.   If we can agree on that, let’s continue . . .

The first reason I am pro-first looks is, it cuts down on stress.  Before, after and during the wedding.  But let’s start with during.  Isn’t it every girl’s dream to step out in the aisle and take his breath away?  She wants to see the tears and emotion in his eyes of his overwhelming love for her right? And that’s great – but every other person there wants to see it too!  For some grooms it’s hard to show that kind of emotion in front of anyone, much less a crowd.  The pressure is intense for him to “do the right thing.”  Some of the sweetest most romantic images I’ve ever captured have been during a first look done behind the scenes away from everyone when the groom is able to relax and enjoy the moment.  Having that time alone to enjoy each other before the day gets crazy and say your final “I love yous “  as single people is simply precious.  And who better to calm you jitters than your best friend?


The second reason is logistics.  His first glimpse of you is so important that literally EVERYONE wants to get it.  I’ve seen a guest with a cell phone step out into the aisle and totally block the groom’s view of his bride.  I’ve had guests with cell phones step in front of me and block me from getting the groom’s reaction.  I’ve also been to outdoor weddings where the sun is shining directly into the groom’s eyes and he couldn’t see a thing.  It doesn’t make for pretty pictures.  And it definitely doesn’t give the bride the warm and fuzzy reaction she’s looking for.


Lastly, time.  A lot of people think this idea is selfish on the photographer’s part – but honestly, I’m in my element when working to “control chaos” so it doesn’t really bother me – but it is more enjoyable for your bridal party, and you, to get all of your images done before the wedding so after you can enjoy the rest of the evening as a new Mr. and Mrs.


Bottom line is a lot of brides assume if they do a first look it will take something away from the ceremony, but I can honestly say after eighteen years I’ve never had a bride and groom regret having a first look.

Can you not FEEL his love in this image?






Disclaimer . . . I do not require my clients to do a First Look.  It’s my job to give you them best experience possible and that means to make sure you have all the information to make the decision that is perfect for YOU!  Happy wedding planning!

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