Real Estate Photography – Rescued not Arrested

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Real Estate Photography – Rescued not Arrested

I arrived at my first listing ten minutes early (YES!).  Getting out of the car I noticed a couple things – first the front door. The agent had asked for detail photos which was out of the norm.  I could see why she liked it, it was pretty,  a little tricky to shoot because of the glass door and the light, but nothing I couldn’t work with.

And then the grass!  It was BEAUTIFUL!  Not just beautiful, it was “I don’t even care about grass but now I want this grass beautiful.”

The owners came out to say “Hi” and to tell me they were leaving with their dogs.  (DOUBLE YES!  I’d be able to get in and out quickly and still be running early!)  They were very nice and I kinda glanced at the the dog in the car (might have been two.)  It  looked like a dog you would see in a dog show.  It just looked expensive.  (This is important for later in the story.)  I told them I’d lock up when I left and I’d be done in about 30-45 minutes.  The wife mentioned I could let myself out thru the garage door.  (This is also important.)

I walked in the house and promptly thanked Jesus because the house was clean.  And not just “there’s a lady coming for pictures clean” – these people live like this!  (Side note:  Sometimes people leave dishes in the sink and bath towels in the floor when I come to take pictures so a clean house is a bonus!)  Yep, I’d be in and out and WAY AHEAD of schedule.

I started in the living room, which is a nice size (if you’re in the market for a house, hint, hint) and noticed a Bon Jovi mouse pad -now I REALLY  love these people!  I made my way through the downstairs and opened the garage – even it was tidy! – I noticed that there was a trash can in front of the garage door (the door I was supposed to let myself out of  – this is important too!)

I finished upstairs – ( large rooms by the way in case anyone is looking) – did I mention this house is REALLY CLEAN?  Ready to move in clean! (hint, hint)

I headed back downstairs to finish up in the backyard took a peek out the backdoor and noticed they had a gate.  (I shot a house once that didn’t.)  Remembering the trash can in front of my exit door I figured I could just lock the backdoor and let myself out the gate.   Which probably would have been a good idea . . .  had I noticed the gate was also padlocked.  As a matter of fact BOTH of the gates were padlocked.  (Thinking back to the expensive looking doggies I’m guessing this is why – because who padlocks their gates in a nice neighborhood in Colonial Heights?   Nice neighborhood, clean house . . . just in case you are looking.)

So I size up the fence – a white picket fence – JUST tall enough that I can’t step on the bottom board and throw my leg over.  (Insert several bad words).   As I’m standing on the board  the trying to figure out how to get out I look over at the neighbor across the street staring at me from her front porch.  I’m thinking she wasn’t watching me to learn fence climbing skills.

So I sat.   I sat, trapped behind a six foot privacy fence on one side with two pad locked gates and a camera.  Would the owners arrive before the cops?   Forever went by (in reality it was less than a minute but if you’re ever trapped in a backyard you’ll understand it feels like an eternity.)    Light bulb goes off because this clean house in a nice neighborhood also has a HUGE yard – and at the end of that yard wasn’t a white picket fence – but a brown one with three “foot holds!”

I WAS tall enough to climb that . . . just not very gracefully.    I arrived at my next listing (with a wet butt) completely ignoring the pretty door and nice grass and immediately planned my escape route  . . . you know,  just in case.

If you need an agent to go visit this great house it is listed by Front Door Realty.   I promise they’ll take great care of you and won’t let you get locked in the backyard.




  1. The Gorbys

    March 26th, 2018 at 11:11 pm

    Thank you – and I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize he put the trashcan there – it is on wheels. I’m glad you didn’t find my Seat 1A front row chair from the Bon Jovi concert! It’s well protected!!! Such beautiful photos – can we buy one from you for framing?

  2. michellekuzmic

    March 27th, 2018 at 12:19 am

    It’s just a habit, I don’t like moving items when I’m in a home alone – I knew it was on wheels and didn’t really think anything about it. I shouldn’t have locked the back door before checking the gate! Email me at info@michellekuzmick.com and let me know which image you’re interested in. Goodluck on a quick sale!

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